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The Warrior Diet with a Twist: Intermittent Fasting Step By Step Diet

You start to notice that you gain tons of weight therefore; you start to register for a dietitian appointment…!

Then the story starts by doctor starts to determine your weight, write down that you are overweight,.

Check your blood tests, open your portfolio and put a paper that contains day-by-day plan, then say “Please! Follow this paper…see you next week!”

Indeed, many people are no longer able to continue or even retry their personal experience with a dietitian that sometimes force them to follow a certain plan that they are no longer able to adapt with.

Because of their busy schedule, psychological status, and many other reasons.

For this reasons, people start to look for other diet strategies in order to get rid of excess weight that is powerful and does not consume too much time.

Therefore, we will provide you information about other strategies that are available without wasting your time in Google search.

In this context, we will cover one of the popular diet styles that called “The warrior diet“;

We will mainly give an introduction about it, instructions on how to start this type of diet, talk about its results, inform you with its disadvantages, and much further information about the warrior diet and other dieting systems.

You will just have to keep scrolling down and keep reading…Let us start now!

What Is The Story Behind The Warrior Diet?

The story begun when Ori Hofmekler who is a former member of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

And the author of “The Warrior Diet: Switch on Your Biological Powerhouse for High Energy, Explosive Strength, and a Leaner, Harder Body” formulated a new type of diet plan that helps to reduce the overall body’s weight.

What Is The Warrior Diet Based On?

Hofmekler stated, “Every living organism has something called a stress-response mechanism” and this is what the warrior diet mainly based on.

The warrior diet is a type of diet that depends on nutritional stress that could be achieved through:

Maintaining a state of fasting for a long period that usually exceeds more than 16 hours during the day, followed by a vigorous state of eating cycle at the night, therefore, this type of diet is totally considered as an opposite or contradiction to the common diet plans.

warrior diet benefits

How Ori Hofmekler Got The Idea Of The Warrior Diet?

Hofmekler said; “I did not really come up with the idea [for the diet]; the idea came to me.

It really started when I was in the Israeli Special Forces. I found out that some of my friends and I were doing much better when we reduced the eating during the day, or active time, and ate during the time when we knew that we could rest.

I realized that when I ate the traditional 6 to 7 army meals plus snacks, I got exhausted than ever.

I suffered from energy crashes and my brain was not as focused and alert as I wanted it to be. . . .

After doing some research, I found out that other warriors of the past used to live like this and that is where I really got intrigued.

How to Start the Warrior Diet?


The fasting phase

This phase takes place during the day it is supposed to last for more than 18 hours.

You start your day by skipping breakfast “Contrary to the common diet plans” and then during the day, you will not be able to eat anything at all.

However, this is phase may be considered as difficult one at the first weeks from the diet plan therefore, Hofmekler approves the consumption of the following items:

  • Easily digestible protein to prevent muscle loss
  • Drink some non-caloric beverages like tea or coffee
  • Low glycemic and calorie snacks such as blueberries, nuts, vegetables or seeds

The Fitness phase

As we mentioned before, the warrior diet plan designed on the concept of ancient hunters or warriors that fast during the day while hunting and getting their food then get back at night then cook their food.

Therefore, Hofmekler integrates exercising phase as it considered as an important phase that replaces the ancient hunter’s activities and plays an important role in stimulating the hormonal responses.

He recommends using different types of exercises, that range from; press, kicks, jumps, yoga, neck tilt, neck rotations, shoulder rotations, standing side crunches, jumping jacks, bicycle crunches, bend over to touch your toes, pushups, stretch and many other exercises all at the same day.

However, exercising phase should not exceed 40 minutes per day.

The overeating phase

The name of this phase can easily describe the phase itself, this phase mainly takes place after the fasting & exercising phase’s hours and it is supposed to be 4 hours per day only!

At this stage, you almost exerted all the energy and power you have and your body is looking for more in order to continue, therefore, you will certainly overeat!

However, it is important to choose a certain type of food (We will discuss it later) and not too overstuffed.

Ori has also mentioned some dietary supplements to be used during the fasting phase, however, based on people’s reports; it has been found that there is no clear benefit from using such supplements.

Moreover, they added that it is just important to follow the main phases of the diet in order to achieve good results and not to care about the supplements purchasing.

Food list provided by Ori Hofmekler during warrior diet

Hofmekler suggests some food and tips that are important to follow the warrior diet as follows;

Consume more leafy green

Indeed, it is recommended to eat more vegetables, fruits, and fresh juices during the day if you feel hungry and you can steam them in order to consume them during the overeating phase.

Fruits and vegetables that are recommended: cabbage, spinach, berries, grapefruit, mango, bananas, apples, green leafy vegetable derivatives, carrots, and mushrooms.

For green salads; it is recommended to use certain dressings that are consists of vinegar other than white vinegar and olive oil.

Consume protein rich-food

It is advised to consume more of protein food especially after consuming the green salad dish; the purpose of integrating proteins is to prevent the muscle loss.

Many protein-food sources are available in the market other than meat sources such as eggs, mashed potatoes, walnuts, pistachio, almonds, beans, legumes.

Moreover, you can consume skinless chicken, lean cuts of beef, or you can use protein powder through mixing with milk, as it will add more value to your body.

Carbohydrates are the last cards to overcome hunger

As mentioned by Hofmekler, carbohydrates are your priority number three in your overeating phase; it is recommended to first consume your green salad dish, then your protein-rich-food, and then check whether you still hungry or not…

If you still feeling hungry so, you will just have to eat a few carbohydrates.

Certain types of carbohydrates are allowed to be consumed; barely and brown rice is an ideal choice to maintain a good balanced diet.

Moreover, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and corn are also considered as carbohydrates sources.

Dairy products are allowed to be used

Ori recommends integrating the dairy products during the fasting phase or the overeating phase.

However, if you are going to consume it during the overeating phase; it is advised to be consumed on days when your protein-rich food source is eggs.

He suggests many organic products such as cottage cheese, ricotta, parmesan, and yogurt due to a few calories found in the previously mentioned examples.

Tips provided by Ori during warrior diet

Keep your body always hydrated

It is not surprising, the warrior diet approves that importance of keeping your body always hydrated in order to, maintain the body’s functions and to prevent the premature aging that may occur due to dehydration.

It is recommended to drink from 6-8 cups of water during the fasting hours.

Moreover, you can also make detox drink by adding slices of lemons and cucumber to the water so that, you reduce the number of toxins found in your body.

Control your hunger like you control your anger

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Unlike all the other common diet styles that provide snacks and foodstuff every 4 or 6 hours, the warrior diet pieces of advice to overcome the feeling of hunger and to take control of it!

Like the ancient hunter’s attitude during hunting…at first, you will feel that the idea is too hard to be implemented on the ground.

However, within only two weeks you will find that your body adapted to the situation and you will not feel hungry anymore.

processed foodstuffs are forbidden during the warrior diet

Ori has also added that the processed food is not allowed to be used due to the intensive amount of sugar, salts, food preservers, artificial food coloring substances that totally have an adverse effect on the overall health status.

Therefore, it is not recommended to eat fries, burger, and all foodstuff that can disrupt your diet system

Does the warrior diet system consider as safe?

Actually, the warrior diet provided by Ori Hofmelker is not based on a scientific or clinical basis but it based on Hofmelker observations and conclusions during his military job period!

Therefore, the program may consider a good option for weight loss goal by some people but on the other hand, it may consider as a myth for other people!

Because the warrior diet is not based on clinical studies, it has been found that there are many drawbacks associated with the diet system and has been reported by many people as follows:

The warrior diet could cause diabetes!

It is obviously noticed that this diet system could cause diabetes because of its fasting and overeating phases that are able to cause sugar level fluctuations.

When you are on the fasting phase; your sugar level within the blood reaches its minimum peak than when you switch at the night for the overeating phase; your sugar level will suddenly reach its maximum peak.

Therefore, causing insulin production problems and as a result cause diabetes disease.

The warrior diet could cause nutrient’s deficiency!

The warrior diet advice the people to consume only one meal per day during overeating phase and this is logical could pose an adverse effect on the health because; no one will able to consume all the needed nutrients through only one meal!

Therefore, you will miss many important vitamins, minerals, and other valuable nutrients that have an impact on the growth and repair functions.

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