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Powerful Legal Steroids For Cutting & Bulking With Case Studies

You can eat nothing but steaks and chicken breasts for the past three months and still not see results!

Many expect to be shredded through going calorie deficit, and still, results can be minimal.

You might be wondering how are those men with the shredded physique and big mass get to this result.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of clean eating & intense workouts. However, when it comes to guys going for anabolic steroids, it can be a long journey to reach half of their results.

Here is the thing…

They don’t really give you the full picture of the terrible side-effects they have to deal with at home.

  • Terrible sleeping.
  • Liver pain.
  • Low to no erections.
  • & even hair loss.

There has been a considerable buzz about legal steroids.


Because it basically solves the issue of side-effects.

Is it as useful as anabolic steroids?

Well better keep on reading, and you’ll find out, everything you need to know about legal steroids.

What Are Legal Steroids Stacks?

They are supplements made of military grade ingredients that are natural and not synthetic.

It mimics similar effects of anabolic steroids to some degree without the harsh side-effects.

The good thing about them, is most countries allow the purchase of these supplements online without any legal restrictions.

Of course, you’ll find a significant debate on whether or not legal steroids is as similar as anabolic steroids.

I am not suggesting that it’s better in any way.

All I’m saying you’ll deal with amazing benefits going on legal steroids.

However, there are simple hacks that if done right, you can make it massively effective and get shredded incredibly fast.

I’ll share that with you in a moment.

Anabolic Steroids

If you are little familiar with Anabolic steroids, you’ll know certain products are considered superstars and heavily discussed.

Here are six commonly known steroids that are used by gym rats;

1- Dianabol


  • Incredible protein synthesis.
  • Much less fatigue during and post workouts.
  • Swift recovery and incredible gains.


  • Huge decline in sex and loss of erections.
  • 5 times risk increase on liver damage compared to average steroids.
  • Incredibly aggressive on the body and not used by beginners.

2- Deca Durabolin


  • Amazing with bones & increasing its density.
  • Reliable steroids for bulking muscle mass.
  • Gets you back on track with its fast recovery mechanism.


  • Shutdown 70% of your testosterone levels.
  • Many can deal with Deka-Dick, soft dick useless for sex.
  • Can easily lose gains, if you didn’t do PCT.

3- Anadrol


  • Good for bulking and enhancing muscle mass.
  • Many use it for cutting to preserve their muscle gains and not lose it in calories deficit.
  • Increase metabolism.


  • Bloated Face and Acne and the world knows your doing steroids.
  • Gynecomastia or man boobs and it can take 3-6 months to get rid of these girlish boobs.
  • Gastric issues and always bloated after the cycle.

4- Trenbolone


  • Massive strength gain, many say the Hulk inside of you gets out with this.
  • Burns fats & really good for shredding.
  • Good anabolic nature to increase muscle growth.


  • You’ll deal with Acne everywhere, and all over your back. Make it difficult to sleep as it can be painful too.
  • Massive liver issues and gets varies from person to another. Sometimes it can be fatal to people who already have liver issues.
  • Considered an aggressive steroid.

5- Testosterone


  • Perfect for skyrocketing your stamina and go for hours in your workouts.
  • Decreases body fat and turns you into a fat burning machine.
  • Enhance muscle mass with specific dosages.


  • Your testicles will be the most affected, many report massive testis shrinkage.
  • Massive acne everywhere.
  • Manboobs post cycle.

6- Clenbuterol


  • This is the most interesting one for fat shredding.
  • It’s not really a steroid, it used to be a drug solving asthma problems and turned out to be an amazing fat burning drug.
  • Has anabolic nature, which means preserves muscle during the cutting cycle.


  • Mild headaches.
  • Sweating.
  • Anxiety.

Legal Steroid Alternatives (Best Brands So Far)

You’ll observe that for each anabolic steroid mentioned, there will be an alternative legal solution.

Each supplement will partly mimic the effects of the original steroids.

However, all the cons mentioned in the anabolic steroids section will not be mentioned here.

The reason for that is all legal steroids do not have side-effects.

Also, all the following brands mentioned are created in an FDA certified facility, this makes sure the natural blend of ingredients is of high quality.

1- D-Bal

Best For:

  • Enhancing nitrogen retention.
  • Massive muscle growth.
  • Boosting stamina and strength.

20% Of D-Bal  Here

2- DecaDuro

Best For:

  • Faster recovery.
  • Bulking and muscle gains.
  • Extra strength and stamina.

20% Of DecaDuro  Here

3- Anadrole

Best For:

  • Bulking and Cutting.
  • It gives better pumps.
  • Gets the best of your workouts.
  • Not fear of losing muscles mass during cutting cycle, as it enhances muscle growth.

20% Of Anadrole  Here

4- Testo Max

Best For:

  • Safely enhances your testosterone levels without disrupting your natural testosterone production.
  • Amazing for cutting & bulking.
  • Swift recovery post workouts.

20% Of Testo Max  Here

5- Trenorol

Best For:

  • Retaining Muscle mass during the cutting cycle.
  • Boost stamina.
  • Help with shredding.

20% Of Trenorol  Here

6- Clenbutrol

Best For:

  • Shreds your body as soon as you start using it.
  • It’s preferred by men and women & commonly used.
  • Retains muscle mass and makes sure your body not go into a catabolic mode.

20% Of Clenbutrol  Here

Many argue that, it’s not a good idea to buy one legal steroid and rely on it completely.

I can confirm this theory on practical levels.

It’s vital to stack those legal steroids together to get the best of it.

It ensures you get incredible results in 8 weeks!

I’ll share with you recommended stacks, this will help fuel your workouts and make the right decision based on your goals.

I’m sure we go into certain cycles during our bodybuilding journey. Cutting & bulking are stages we pass through.

Here are the legal steroid stacks that give awesome results.

Best Legal Steroids for Cutting

One of the best brands that took the lead in legal steroids is Crazy bulk’s.

Usually in Anabolic steroids to get shredded, experts advice with:

1- Anavar

2- Clenbuterol

3- Winstrol

4- Testosterone.

With legal steroids, you’ll take this:

1- Anvarol

2- Clenbutrol

3- Winsol

4- Testo Max

Get Crazybulk cutting stack   here and start your body shredded, guaranteed!


Best way to use this cutting stack for maximum results:

Take Clenbutrol pre-workout, this will kickstart your session to the max. You’ll feel your metabolic rate skyrocketed.

This means energy pumps. More stamina. More workouts. Fast Results.

After that, take Winstrol, Testo Max & Anvarol during the day, better post workout. This maintains your muscle mass & gives incredible stamina.

Fear no side-effects on this stack. All you will get is turning your body into a fat burning machine.

Benefits of This Cutting Stack

8-week fat burning body, that doesn’t store fats & shed the current ones.

Enhance your muscle to fat ratio. This means you might still maintain your weight, but it will be lean mass not fats.

Stops any catabolic effect from your calorie deficit diet. This means no worrying about your current muscle mass going to waste.

Real Before & After Photos With Legal Steroids Stack For Cutting

Legal Steroids For Cutting

Cutting Stack Legal Steroids-before-after


Best Legal Steroids For Bulking

This is an amazing alternative to synthetic anabolic steroids for bulking.

The usual anabolic steroid stack:

1- Dianabol

2- Deca Durabolin

3- Testosterone

4- Trenbolone

The legal steroid stack for bulking:

1- D-Bal

2- Decaduro

3- Testo Max

4- Trenorol

Get Crazybulk bulking stack  here and get a free program on how to get massive mass, guaranteed!

Bulking Legal Steroids

Real Before & After Photos With Legal Steroids Stack For Bulking

Legal Steroids For Bulking

Bulking Dianabol Legal Steroids

Bulking Steroids

Best way to use this bulking stack for maximum results:

Timing really matters in the way you take supplements. I recommend taking Testo Max once you wake up in the morning.

It helps to keep your body in the anabolic state.

Stacking D-Bal, Trenerol & Decaduro pre-workout is the best approach to skyrocket your nitrogen retention levels and gain massive muscle mass.

Also, you’ll find awesome hacks that you’ll get with this bulking stack. It makes sure you do everything properly and exactly as a pro.

Benefits of This Bulking Stack

Gets the best out of your anabolic state.

Amazing recovery which leads to more lifting and high progression.

Your nitrogen retention skyrockets, building massive muscle mass.

Incredible strength and stamina.

Nobody will know you are on legal steroids, simply because of no noticeable side-effects.

My Conclusion on Legal Steroid Stacking

At the end of the day, every small thing matter in your progress.

Doing legal steroid stacking will definitely get you awesome results.

Not only that, your progress escalates fast without the suffering of hair loss, shrunken testicles or soft never to be erected dick.

Here is the thing…

This is not a magic stack.

It comes with discipline, dedication, proper diet and continues workouts.

Doing bulking stack or cutting stack will skyrocket your results. Especially with an awesome program that comes with each stack (provided by Crazy Bulk)


And after you finish your stack you need to maintain your workout behavior and clean diet.

This ensures to not lose your gains and maintain an impressive shredded, muscular physique.

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