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Garcinia Extra Reviews *Updated 2021*

Garcinia Cambogia Extra is said to provide people with a fast solution to lose weight, though there are many strong pieces of evidence supporting this fact.

Garcinia Extra is a dietary supplement that promises to use the strength of Garcinia Cambogia extract to help you lose your weight. Here’s is the review about Garcinia Extra.

What is Garcinia Extra?


Garcinia Extra is a weight loss supplement that promises to be the “only 2+1 formulation on the market”.

Rather than just using Garcinia Cambogia extract to help you slim down, Garcinia Extra brings together Garcinia Cambogia extract with raspberry ketones, another cool slimming pill ingredient.

Together, these a couple of substances supposedly help you benefit from the following health advantages:

  • prosBurns body fat
  • prosSuppresses your urge for food
  • prosPrevents the storage of extra Fat

Certainly, these are the basic positive aspects we’ve noticed from many other Garcinia Cambogia products sold on the web. Garcinia cambogia has been well-known from the time Dr. Oz named it a “miracle fat loss cure” that could make it easier to shed pounds without any diet plan or workout required.

Modern clinical proof has been revealed that Garcinia Cambogia or Raspberry ketones can do the wonders since there are a couple of scientific testing on people that have related these substances to major fat loss effects.

Having said that, is Garcinia Extra a diet supplement that you need, to make it easier to slim down? Let’s take particular notice at how it does the job; this also includes its dosage details.

How Does Garcinia Extra Work?

How-Does-Garcinia-Cambogia Extra Work

Garcinia Extra is known as a dual action weight loss supplement which contains Garcinia Cambogia extract and raspberry ketones. These constituents have equivalent benefits but work in different methods.

  • BulletsGarcinia Cambogia: This little pumpkin-shaped fruit is indigenous to South-east Asian countries. In the last couple of years, the skin of this fruit has been transformed into a powdered ingredient extract and placed into weight loss supplements. In a few scientific studies, Garcinia Cambogia Extract controls urge for food and stimulate weight loss.
  • BulletsRaspberry Ketones: Ketones are the substances that have a unique smell. Some study signifies that ketones have fat loss features. The manufacturers of Garcinia Extra state they “help your body lose fat naturally” and are generally associated with “the release of adiponectin, an endocrine that controls many metabolism processes.”

garcinia-cambogia-extra buy now online

Garcinia Extra Doses and Ingredients

Garcinia Extra Ingredients

Garcinia Extra consists of just a couple of active substances, such as:

  • 1000mg of Garcinia Cambogia Extract (60% HCA)
  • 200mg of Raspberry Ketones (99%)

Other Constituents:

  • Hypromellose
  • Rice flour
  • The mineral magnesium stearate (veggie origin)

These are generally the doses in each two pills serving. Are these doses enough to lose weight?

We’ll begin with raspberry ketones.

raspberry-ketones inside garcinia extra pill

Just as studies, “there isn’t any human research for the results of raspberry ketones.” It’s a fact: the majority of raspberry ketones scientific studies connected to weight loss have been conducted on rats.

In these scientific studies, the dose given to rodents matches to a human dose of 70 to 340mg per kilograms.

That could be a fine amount of formulation to take, and that’s why the majority of raspberry ketone products use a dose between 100mg and 200mg.

The makers of the supplements demonstrate on their site that the supplements consist of 200mg of Raspberry Ketones.

This is reported to be an amount which has been advised by health professionals which gives a clear meaning to potential customers that it’s safe for use in these amounts.

On the other hand, in line with the limited clinical proof we got so far, you’re going to notice weight reduction results from raspberry ketones before you hit the following doses:

  • 870 to 3700mg for a 175 Lb. Individual
  • 1100 to 5000mg for a 190 Lb. Individual
  • 1500 to 6200mg for a 250+ Lb. Individual

Let’s see Garcinia Cambogia extract.


Garcinia Cambogia extract has been connected to small variations in extra fat composition and bodyweight — though it hasn’t been associated with actual weight reduction in any major clinical studies on human beings.

Generally, when experts study Garcinia Cambogia extract, they use a serving of 1000mg — that is the same serving found in Garcinia Extra.

In the long run, based on all this related information, Garcinia Cambogia Extra can help go with a current weight loss program.

In case you’re already exercising and dieting meticulously, then Garcinia Cambogia Extra will let you drop a few unwanted weights over a two or three-month time period.

On the other hand, it’s not even close to a “miracle” fat loss treatment — and research for these ingredients is still inadequate.

Who Shouldn’t Use Garcinia Extra


As a result of effects that this supplements may have on your body we’d not recommend its use for the following people:

  • consExpectant mothers or breastfeeding females
  • consIndividuals who have a family background of or suffer from any psychological health problem or associated problems
  • consPeople who are hypersensitive to any of the substances
  • consIndividuals who have a family background of or suffer from any cardiovascular disorders
  • consPeople who have a family background of or suffer from any digestive system conditions
  • consPeople who have any other health issue

If you’re not sure about regardless of whether you should use these kinds of supplements, always seek advice from a general practitioner before taking these; this is especially advised in case you suffer from any kind of pre-existing health conditions.

Garcinia Extra Prices

Garcinia Extra can be obtained on the web through It’s not available at any other offline or online store. On the public Garcinia Extra site, here’s how prices break down:

  • 1 Package: $54.92 + Free Delivery
  • 3 Packages: $109.95 + Free Delivery
  • 6 Packages + Advana Supplement: $164.80 + Free Delivery

You will find thirty servings (sixty pills) in each bottle. You take a couple of pills every day to suit your weight loss regimen.

Almost all purchases come with a 2-month refund policy which usually guarantees lasts sixty-seven days as a whole, as the company provides you with some extra time to account for delivery.

The particular extra Advana Tone product, in addition, is a weight loss pill made from a combination of the exotic goji berry, Garcinia Cambogia extract, acai berries, green tea herb, and forskolin.

Who Manufactures Garcinia Extra?

Garcinia Extra is manufactured by a Cyprus-based firm known as Wolfson Berg Limited. That firm is located at the following business address:

Archiep. Makariou III, 124


Kiti, 7550, Larnaca


It is possible to get in touch with the firm by contact number found on Garcinia Extra Official website. Or, you should use the e-mail contact form.

The particular company’s About web page explains itself as “a trustworthy brand that takes self-importance in contributing the supplement market for over 10 years.” Other products manufactured by this firm is PhenQ, which is yet another weight loss pill. You can go to the company’s public site here:

Scientific Studies


The Garcinia Cambogia Extra website sees its product as groundbreaking, proclaiming that it’s comprised of ‘scientifically tested fat loss ingredients.’

The makers provide the amount of the constituents used in the supplements which can be useful when looking for performance in comparison to different clinical studies.

There’s also a small part explaining a couple of clinical tests in regards to the Garcinia Cambogia Extract which the manufacturers label as the key substance, though no web links are given to those scientific studies.

Should I Take Garcinia Extra to Shed Weight?


Garcinia Extra is practically similar to other Garcinia Cambogia extract weight loss supplements offered on the web.

The only real change is that there’s a modest amount of raspberry ketones included in this solution.

Raspberry ketone is controversial slimming pill constituents endorsed by Dr Oz.

In a few assessments on rodents, they were found to result in small weight reduction effects — though these checks used a considerably higher human-equivalent dose as compared to what’s present in the majority of raspberry ketones products.

On the whole, you’ll find similar Garcinia Cambogia extract weight loss supplements online cheaper than the $50 priced by Garcinia Extra but definitely will not be of similar quality or results.

Unless of course, you’re truly enthusiastic about a certain product based on a friends recommendations, but you can’t get a better offer when compare the qualities of Garcinia Extra.

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  • No negative effects related to substances
  • Refund policy offered


  • Constituents have limited study associated with them

Final Verdict

Garcinia Cambogia Extra seems to contain a couple of effective ingredients.

These substances have been the main topic of some clinical studies, but in some studies, their weight reduction possibilities have been determined effectively; clinical tests on the formula are usually of good quality, often using animal but some research says they used humans too.

The official website provides some information and facts as there are very detailed particulars provided by the manufacturer itself. They also, however, provide a money-back assurance.


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