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The Fastest Way To Get Fit: How To Determine Which Exercise Program Works Best For You

There are literally thousands of exercises and training systems available to trainees. With so many combinations, it becomes difficult to know which systems work best.

However, it’s helpful to remember that no single exercise program immediately produces results for everyone.

Trainees need to be patient in order to identify fitness systems that work for them.

Training Plateaus Will Happen

Novice and seasoned trainees become discouraged after noticing diminishing returns with their training efforts—especially when they compare themselves to others who always seem to get awesome results regardless of the fitness system followed.

Although training plateaus happen to everyone, some trainees allow their frustrations to dominate their thoughts, which often leads to drastic measures like working out too much, experimenting with anabolics or quitting altogether.

The fastest way to get fit is to train for the long haul by making fitness a lifestyle rather than a race to the finish. Work toward gradual progress over time by taking small steps toward set goals.

With a sensible approach to fitness, training plateaus that arise can be overcome. Frustrations related to slow progress should never become an excuse to quit exercising altogether.

How Exercise Affects Different People

No fitness battery works exactly the same for everyone. Some individuals will progress faster than others even when using the same exercise system.

Exercise Physiologist Laurel Mackinnon adds, “About 40 – 50% of the training responses are related to genetic influence. There are high responders and low responders.”

The Principle of Individual Differences supports this theory.

In short, the Principle of Individual Differences states that each individual has his or her own unique genetic blueprint, which should be taken into account when applying different training systems.

Also, further examination is wise before embarking upon any exercise program not backed by scientific research.

Such programs tend to be promoted by celebrities who may not have the appropriate credentials to prescribe safe and effective exercise programs to the public.

Another problem with many exercise programs in general and those endorsed by celebrities specifically is “the one size fits all” philosophy, which is common to cookie-cutter fitness. Although some programs may produce great results for some, others trainees fail to benefit when not considering the Principle of Individual Differences.

Adhering to the Principle of Individual Differences helps exercisers avoid discouragement should changes not occur quickly.

As with any meaningful goal, dedication, preparation and effort are important attributes to have when exercising through slower progress periods.

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Living The Fitness Lifestyle

A report in 1996, released by the Office of the Surgeon General supports participation in physical activity for good health and prevention of major health problems.

And with the obesity epidemic in the United States expanding at an enormous rate, sound fitness principles could help reduce health costs related to overweight and obesity. Exercise is good medicine.

Always seek medical approval before starting new fitness programs. If in doubt about proper training, locate a qualified personal trainer. A trainer can help you quickly reach fitness goals by prescribing exercise and fitness programming suitable for your body.

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