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Can I Reduce Stubborn Fat Areas?

People often wonder how to get rid of those stubborn areas like the abdominal region, hips and arms. Well, there is a way but it requires an overall approach. Read on and find out how.

As a personal trainer, I have been asked on numerous occasions, “can I burn fat from areas of my body I’m not satisfied with?”

With that question in mind, people have spent countless hours doing crunches to reduce fat in the abdominal region, hundreds of lateral leg lifts to reduce chunky hips and untold numbers of curls and tricep extensions in hope of shrinking their arms. Allow me to shed some light on this matter.

So Why Workouts Along, Will Not Reduce Stubborn Fat?

The body will not respond to spot reduction, which is trying to burn fat from a specific area through feverish, repetitive movements.

Movement causes the body to utilize energy stored through metabolic processes.

This energy comes from the foods (fuel) we consume. Each individual stores and burns fuel according to many factors i.e. age, sex, genetics, activity level, and fitness level to name a few.

Why am I telling you this, you ask, to assist you in understanding how to attack those areas of dissatisfaction?

In order to reduce the areas in question, I would suggest you implement an overall fitness regimen consisting of proper nutritional intake, resistance training and aerobic activity.

The body burns energy it has processed into fuel for movement and sustaining life.

Each individual require specific quantities of fuel for daily functions, if you over-consume, the excess is stored as fat.

Therefore, you’ll need to create a calorie deficit (burn more fuel than you consume). Through this deficit you allow your bodies to tap into the stored fuel (fat) for movement and sustaining life.

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Here Are The 5 Common Suggested Options to Get Calorie Deficit:

  1. Eat fewer calories than required by your body per day
  2. Increase the number of calories burned through exercise or other physical activity while maintaining your current caloric intake (specific to your daily needs)
  3. Enhancing metabolic rate with fat burners. (recommended to check best sellers fat burners in UK)
  4. The type of nutrition matters, in this case I recommend to focus on protein diet and less on carbs.
  5. A combination of all 4

I suggest option 5, since it allows for maximum calorie expenditure with diverse approch as your body is not a stagnant vessel. Your body burns fat from all over, so as you perform your daily fitness regimen you can expect to reduce your overall body fat composition, thus reducing those areas of concern.

The bathroom scale knows nothing of extenuating circumstances.Mason Cooley

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