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Shed Off Exta Weight With Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

Have you just had another accident?  Sending another greasy snack down to your alarmingly expanding belly pooch?  Well, time to turn that flab into ab and a meal replacement product is one sure bet.

What are meal replacements?

Meal replacements are energy reduced and nutritionally balanced products, which are consumed as an alternative to a meal.

Providing you with a measly 200 calories per meal, they are a careful balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fibre that leaves you amazingly sated for hours on end.

They are also jam-packed with minerals and vitamins, to ensure that your bones, skin and immune system are taken care of.

Meal replacement for weight loss best alternative - 101
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Meal replacements are commonly packaged as dilutable powders, shakes, bars, or soups.

Their simple working mechanism works by directing your body’s energy needs to your fat stores through the low-calorie intake in the shakes.

If your weight loss equation has become harder to balance, let a meal replacement product simplify it for you.

They will fantastically jump start your weight loss journey and help you lose the health profession’s acceptable limit of 2 pounds a week.

Are they regulated?

Is meal replacement regulated

Yes, they are. The nutrients, energy content and packaging information allowed on meal replacements are regulated in the European Union’s,  Commission Directive 96/8/EC .

To avoid cases of malnutrition, this directive limits a meal replacement’s fat content per serving to 30%, while the calories provided are specified to 200-400 calories.

The directive also ensures that healthy fibre, vitamins and minerals are part of the parcel and are also clearly outlined.

In the U.S the products are regulated under the FDA CFR Title 21, and in Canada by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Do evoShake meal replacements work for weight loss?

EvoShake-Meal-Replacement-Shake In UK

Yes they do. Since these products have become commonplace, they in recent years have been the target of various scientific studies to verify their efficacy.

Today, most major health organizations, like the British Dietetic Association and the National Obesity Forum endorse meal replacements as viable weight loss options.

Research support

Meal replacements are all the rave because of their ability to induce weight loss in individuals of all shapes and sizes. A lot of research today exists to prove this claim.

For example, research done to compare the speed of weight loss between a food-based diet plan and a meal replacement diet, gives insight as to why many health experts and organizations support these products.

The results prove that obese people can lose a whopping 12% of their body weight in three months with the help meal replacements.

The study though, shows a weight loss level of only 7% for subjects on a low caloric whole food diet. The icing on the cake is that, while meal replacements only supply 200 calories per meal, there is no reported difference in satiety levels, between them and whole food diets.

Another study done to assess the effectiveness and safety of meal replacements prove that it is possible to lose 7-8% of bodyweight on these products after 3 months, and improve disease risk factors associated with weight.

The conclusion of the above study also mentions that meal replacement products are safe. The research proves that no adverse effects have been recorded on meal replacement products as long as the provided directions are followed.

evoshake_meal replacement

How do meal replacements work?

Meal replacements are based on the premise that if you consume fewer calories than you expend, you will lose weight. This cornerstone of weight loss has been documented by multiple clinical studies.

The conclusion is that a high protein, low carbohydrate and high-fat diet are paramount for weight loss and this is the bedrock of meal replacement diets.

Listed below are the factors that aid the products in inducing weight loss;

Low-calorie content


A meal replacement product, offers you a simple and quick option to control the calories you consume for atleast two meals a day without undue hyper vigilance.

Medically, a healthy balance for weight loss is 1200 calories per day for women and 1500 for men. Living in an era of calorie packed starchy, greasy and high sugared foods , keeping your calorie count down can be a tad difficult.

Meal replacements can help keep achieve this goal because in a single serving they only supply a minimum 250 calories, and are yet sating and healthy. With scientifically calculated and balanced calories and nutrient content, they replenish your body while at the same increasing fat metabolism.

High protein content

High Protein Diet Meal Replacement

Hormones are what compels you to eat and informs on when to stop. Proteins make you feel full faster because according to research  their unique interaction with these hormones directly suppresses appetite.

A meal replacement has at least 25g of proteins in every 60g, to build and repair your body, sate you for longer periods, increase heat production in your body and maintain your body as an efficient fat burning machine.

Meal replacements protein sources include whey, soy, egg whites or milk proteins. However, unlike rest of meal replacements, evoshake is 100% vegetarian-friendly

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High fibre content

get rid off overweight with meal replacement choices

Ingesting at least 30 grams of fibre a day can assist you keep the munches away and maintain your weight loss goals. Good fibre improves your body’s insulin response and lowers your body’s blood pressure.

 A study done at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, tasking 240 volunteers with the consumption of at least 30 grams of fibre daily as part of their meals, shows an initial average loss of 6 pounds on them.

A meal replacement product should have at least 5-6 grams of soluble fiber per serving according to various regulations.

Fibre is not an only a great filler but when a soluble fibre is mixed with water, it forms a ‘gel’ in your gut that slows sugar absorption into your blood stream. This means your body stores fat less due to lower insulin levels.

To meet the recommended 30g of fibre in your diet it is recommended that you complement your meal replacement shake with fruits and vegetables.

Low Sodium levels


Another reason why meal replacements are efficient at weight loss is because they contain minimal sodium level.

Our diets today contain more dangerous level of sodium and the WHO recommends that you should not consume more than 5g (1 teaspoon) of iodized salt daily.

Less salt intake reduces should work to reduce water retention in your body, aiding weight loss and eliminating risks of heart disease, hypertension and stroke.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals

A meal replacement is fortified with at least a third of the recommended vitamins and minerals needed for your immune system to repair cellular damage, shore up bones and convert food to energy.

 A good product should be incorporated with no less than 18 to 23 minerals and vitamins.


Meal replacements have about 5 grams of fat per serving.

Fats support cell growth and supply the body with energy, while cushioning your internal organs. They keep you warm, produce hormones and help you absorb nutrients.

Good dietary meal replacement fats are sourced from unsaturated fat sources like nuts, seeds, fish or vegetables.


Advantages of meal replacements

  • prosBalanced source of nutrition
  • prosMeal replacements limit energy consumption while maintaining nutrition as shown above.
  • prosThey are easy to constitute and generally mix well with your beverage of choice which may include coconut milk, water, and milk and so on.
  • prosThey ensure that you do not give in to that binge or skip any meal.
  • prosTheir ease of use enables you to comply with their use for a long time.
  • prosMeal replacement calories are easy to track. No more apps or diaries to scrutinize and record every single calorie you’ve downed since morning.
  • prosThe ease of tracking also encourages adherence to the product.
  • prosMeal replacements supply a sweet, flavourful creamy treat on the go.
  • prosThe constitutable powder form they are sold as ensures that there are few sensory experiences to curb chances of overeating
  • prosThey are easy to carry around, less mess prone and provide easy clean ups.
  • prosSupport most meal replacement products come bundled with online support groups to help keep you on the straight and narrow.
  • prosNo meal planning
    Pursuing weight goals is at most times sacrificed at the altar of the failure to meal plan. Meal planning is a deliberate process that consumes a lot of thought, calculation and cooking. The meal replacements eliminate this obstruction, to help you keep your eyes on the goal.
  • prosNo side effects
    Studies have no recorded no short term or long term side effects of subsisting on meal replacements

Disadvantages of meal replacements

  • consCannot compare to whole healthy foods
  • consHealth experts recommend healthy whole foods for long term weight loss since they are superior in nutrition to meal replacements.
  • consThey do not contain enough fibre and they lack phytonutrients, which are beneficial nutrients from fruit and vegetables.
  • consCan become monotonous
  • consIn the long term, subsisting on meal replacements does little to maintain initial weight loss due to a lack of compliance to the solution.
  • consThey are an expensive weight loss option since a single meal replacement serving can cost anywhere between $3-7.
  • consLow behaviour modification
    Long term weight loss goals require one to unlearn unhealthy eating habits like overeating, binging and fast foods. You should instead learn the purpose of food portion control, whole healthy foods, food planning and exercise. These are not necessary with meal replacements, so in the long term if off meal replacements, the weight tends to creep back in.
  • consLess pleasurable
    Part of the reason we love our food is because of the taste, textures, aromas and social camaraderie that happens during meal times. Most of these aspects are absent with meal replacements.

EvoShake Meal Replacement Whey Diet Shake 420g (Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla)


EvoShake from Evolution Slimming a top-tier meal replacement shake that is produced by a company with over 1 million positive customer reviews.

Evolution Slimming is well known for providing consistency in quality and use of high quality and trusted ingredients in their products since 2007.

Evoshake is not only a tried and tested safe quality product, but it also utilizes innovative ingredients like acai berry, green coffee bean extracts and whey which are proven to be clinically safe weight loss products.

Below are some of the factors that make the  EvoShake diet shake so effective at weight loss;

evoshake best meal replacement on the market

222 calories per serving

Replace one or two of your daily meals with the perfect balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fibre, fat, minerals and vitamins as regulated by the E.U’s Commission Directive 96/8/EC. This healthy, quality and safe weight loss nutrition only supplies 222 calories per meal.

Having the  EvoShake mixed with a cool glass of semi-skimmed milk for breakfast and lunch means that you have only amassed just a third of your daily calorie portion, allowing you to enjoy a delicious lean meat or fish dinner plus snack on veges or fruits.


Flavourful and healthy

EvoShake  is a delicious, creamy shake that comes in yummy strawberry sensation, delicious vanilla and chocolate delight flavours for your pleasure.

This best flavoured shake with no lumps or gloop is fortified with minerals and vitamins, including vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D3 & E for the optimum functioning and overall health of your body.

Mix one scoop with 200ml of your preferred beverage, then stir or shake to mix.  With EvoShake, each 420g tub will dish out 12 servings.


Green coffee bean extract

Green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid and caffeine. This acid disintegrates when coffee is roasted, which is why its specific to green coffee beans.

Chlorogenic acid is trending in the world of natural health extracts due to research done proving that it can lower your blood sugar and insulin spikes, by reducing your gut’s capability of absorbing carbohydrates.

In essence, this is is like taking a low carbohydrate diet, while already on EvoShakes nutritious low energy shake!

Chlorogenic acid also affects weight loss by lowering the fat stores in your liver, increasing fat burning action in your body and significantly reducing heart disease risk factors like cholesterol and triglycerides

Caffeine also present in green coffee beans has been proven to enhance weight loss, by increasing your body’s metabolic rate up to 3-11%.

A randomized trial involving 12 overweight individuals on instant coffee or green coffee bean extract in instant coffee, shows that the indivduals on the latter can lose 5.4 kg in 12 weeks, while the former can only manage a loss of 1.7 kg. The body fat also lowers by 3.6% in the green coffee bean extract group while the instant one loses only 0.7% body fat.

Acai Berry Extract

EvoShake is fortified with acai berries from the South American rainforests; jam packed with healthy fats and fibre with their anti oxidant level being their most powerful nutritional feature.

Antioxidants play important roles in the body that are vital to the maintenance of good health and preventing disease.


Whey, a by-product of milk, has been proven to suppress ghrelin, the hormone responsible for those anger pangs, meaning that with the EvoShake, the shake will sate you longer than other meal replacements. Whey is also low in lactose, and has all 9 essential amino acids.

A study at Tel Aviv University involving 48 obese individuals has proven that a diet that contains whey for breakfast can lead to a loss of 7.6 kg in12 weeks.

Who should purchase EvoShake?

EvoShakes are perfect for you if you;

  • prosare looking for a fast and easy solution to weight loss
  • prosdo not like the hustle of meal plans
  • prosprefer a pre-controlled healthy meal portion
  • prosare too busy to prepare healthy meals
  • prosstruggle with portion reduction
  • prosneed to lose weight first and fast before surgery
  • proscannot lose an ounce of weight if you exceed your calorie quota

evoshake_meal replacement

Creative ways to enjoy your EvoShake

  1. EvoShake meal replacement shake, offers a fantastic way to enjoy your meals on the go with no mess ups and minimal clean up time.
  2. You can have your half your EvoShake just before gym then finish the other half afterwards, to sate the post work out hunger pangs.
  3. On the days you crave some ice cream, blend your EvoShake with some flavour of your choice and ice, and enjoy your sugar-crash-less, guilty free scoop of ice cream.
  4. Combine EvoShake with yummy additional ingredients like honey, coconut milk, soybean milk, cinnamon or ginger, for that healthy low fat milkshake.
  5. How about a dash of organic peanut, almond or cashew butter for the creamiest shake on the planet? Just watch that calorie counter though.
  6. Some blue berries, banana or other delectable fruit can turn this already yummy milkshake into one delectable fruit shake tummy treat.


The bottom line is that it is possible to lose over 1-2lb per week when on EvoShake. Your future weight loss prospects with EvoShake look promising too due to a study done by George Blackburn, M.D of Harvard medical school. This study proves that users of meal replacements can maintain a seven-pound average weight loss in a decade of use unlike counterpart s who wing it and gain over 25 pounds in the process. So go out today and get your EvoShake Meal Replacement Whey Diet Shake .

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