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Virectin Male Enhancer From Being Common To Just Ok!

Virectin has had tremendous amount of positive review in the last 5 years and so far it’s doing alright. Many users still use it, in a sense of it being the ultimate solution to a firmer longer erections!

It’s vital to point out that, this male enhancement pill is far different from Viagra or sildenafil mechanism of action. Virectin is a formula of compounds that include minerals and herbs with the intended benefit to take effect in few weeks of usage. And results do vary from person to another.

Who Should Use Virectin?

Seeking for a 100% natural solution to erectile dysfunction. Also the ones who hate chemical and anything related to long term damage or side-effects. However, The edge that contributed to Virectin is no longer valid. Many products surfaced the market with competitive pricing that took away the lights! Plus, the company have altered their ingredients with some additives that cause serious side-effects.

Is Virectin Taking the Lead Compared To Other Alternatives and Male Enhancement Products

In Germany, United Kingdom and Philippine was quite known among pharmacies and men who seek natural treatment. However the demand plunged after Male Extra became one of the most demanded male enhancement bill for 2016 and still on going.

This doesn’t mean Virectin is not significant in any way. It just means there is something better out there and highly demanded for number of reasons which will be discussed. But mainly one of the downside of Virectin that recently made it’s customers question the company trust. Was the unreliable, simply because the company promises 60 day guarantee. However, most of the negative feedback online was it’s worthless and nothing can be returned!

After investigation of these claims, we found that actually there is a legit process to return Virectin. But they made the process very tedious that makes it unreliable and gets the customer really furious!

One of the major red-flags about the company is, it never got a BBB listing (Better Business Bureau), this kind of listing ensures the credibility of the company behind Virectin.

Here Are Some Of The Recent User Reviews on Virectin From Amazon

Virectin amazon reviews Virectin amazon user reviews 2 Virectin amazon user reviews Virectin amazon user reviews3


This is A Comparison Between The Two Demanded Male Enhancement Pills – Male Extra Vs Virectin


Male eXtra

Male Extra Reviews Unboxed pictures





Mechanism of Action

Increases the nitric oxide levels in the blood resulting in vasodilation which means that more blood flows in the penis due to expansion/dilation of penile blood vessels.

Focus on enhancing the production of the sperm quality and count within the testes.

Increase in their erect penis size of between 0.8 – 2.6 inches over a 3 – 6 month period


It contains, Niacin plays an important role in a number of human processes including: enhancing the healing process, increasing energy, and dilating the blood vessels.

Also many arguable claims on Tribulus Terrestris that will help to improve your libido.

Side Effects

prosNone, all natural ingredients prosYes, are known to potentially cause serious side effects.
The minor common side-effect is stomach burning sensation, which is the most popular and it doesn’t cease even after long term usage!



prosFor whoever wants bigger, harder erections, more intense orgasms, and a huge boost to your stamina in the bedroom without side-effects.



prosStrong doses of L-arginine HCL and pomegranate 40% ellagic acid. Both are 100% natural. prosL-Arginine, Gingko Leaf Powder, Tribulus Terrestris, Zinc and Epimedium Herb .

Additives like Xanthoparmelia Scarbosa Bark Powder have been shown to be potentially toxic.

Doctor Endorsed

prosYes consNo

Money Back Guarantee

prosYes consThey make it difficult to not return it.

All natural

prosYes prosYes

Used long term

prosYes consNo, due to the toxic additives.

Clinically Proven

prosYes consNo


prosExpected Benefits to be seen after 2-3 weeks of usage. consVery slow mechansim of action, based on user reports it can take minimum 3 month to see some results as promised.

Premature Ejaculation Solution

prosYes consNo


prosNo Need prosNo Need

User Reviews

prosMany positive reports (Users used it for long run)

~Detailed MaleExtra User Reviews

consVirectin is fake reviews


prosFree shipping worldwide in discreet package. cons10 USD, shipping worldwide


64.95 per bottle (one month) – 90 tablets $44.95. USD per bottle (one month)

Where To Buy

Official Website –

N/A, you can get on Amazon

Male Extra Is Designed For Males Dealing With:

pointErectile dysfunction (male impotency)

pointPremature ejaculation

pointLoss of libido

pointReduced or compromised sexual performance

pointSexual anxiety or depression



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