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Raspberry Ketone Plus – Is It A Real Fat Burner Or Just a Scam

Do you believe in Tv talk show? It’s my advice to search for relevant information that suits you instead of making your decision based on “As seen on TV” sticker.

Raspberry ketones got a huge buzz not just because of “Dr Oz’s show” but because of the massive Tv commercials supporting his endorsement to this weight loss ingredient.

Dr. Mehmet Oz appeared before the Senate Consumer Protection panel on Tuesday to discuss diet scams, as well as the efficacy of some of the weight-loss products mentioned on Oz’s popular daytime talk show one of these products happen to be Raspberry ketones!

In a profile of Dr. Mehmet Oz in The New Yorker last year, Oz put it this way:

“Ultimately, if we want to fix American medicine we will need skeptical and smart patients to dominate,” he said.

So you as the user making a decision which Raspberry Ketone Plus suits your needs or not.

You should follow Dr.Oz advice in being skeptical and read more than enough on what you are buying.

Your health is vastly precious than any weight loss product out there. Never look for the cheap product. Always focus on the more beneficial, more relevant to your lifestyle.

It is so scary that people will just take supplements without really researching each ingredient simply because a celebrity endorses it.

I really needed to get this off my chest before I go on giving a review on “Raspberry Ketone Plus” as this supplement got a huge hype on the media. (p.s it can be spelled as keytone or ketone, both are correct)

This review covers;

  1. Case studies and analysis on type of ingredients found in Raspberry Ketone Plus.
  2. Who is behind Raspberry Ketone Plus, is any scam reported?
  3. Valid User reviews on this product and how is it available online and offline

Raspberry Ketone Plus Reviews with ingredient analysis


Raspberry keytone plus is a fat burner supplement mainly based on red raspberries (Rubus idaeus). It became popular for weight loss after it was mentioned on the Dr. Oz television show during the segment called “Raspberry ketone: Miracle fat-burner in a bottle” in February 2012.

Raspberry Ketones Plus is one of the UKs most popular raspberry ketones brands, 200mg Formula Dose/Day. Just the strength you need to see results!

The substance has been approved by the FDA as “generally safe” since 1965, but ketones are experiencing a surge in popularity thanks to several recent studies analyzing their ability to burn stored fat.

On Dr. Oz, weight-loss expert Lisa Lynn explained how the product has helped many of her clients break through weight-loss plateaus when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and daily exercise.

She recommends taking 100 or 200 mg supplements of ketone with breakfast and lunch daily, which she says is the chemical equivalent of about 90 pounds of fresh raspberries.

Check out official website –

Mechanism of action of its ingredients


Studies showed that Raspberry Ketone caused the body to produce more adiponectone, this particular protein works to regulate metabolism and break down stored fat.

What does this mean in plain English?

Scientists concluded that Raspberry Ketone improves and even prevents obesity and fatty liver by altering lipid (fat) metabolism.

What does this mean to you? That Raspberry Ketone, along with sensible eating and exercise could be the thing that finally makes that scale show significant weight loss.

Ingredients analysis


Raspberry Ketones (100mg): Increases activity of Adiponectin hormone, (we mentioned the whole mechanism previously).

African Mango Extract – known to reduce cholesterol and promote weight loss

Acai Berry Extract – the super fruit from the Amazon that is a storehouse of antioxidants and which enables weight loss

Green tea – again a major source of antioxidants and the proven companion of people wishing to lose weight.

Apple cider vinegar- known for its appetite suppressant properties and prevention of fat gain.

Kelp- that breaks down fat and regulates blood sugar levels preventing weight gain.

Caffeine BP (25mg): Can boost energy levels and metabolism although only short-term effects. Considering there is only 50mg per daily serving in this supplement (less than caffeine in 1/2 cup of medium coffee) then its questionable if much, if any, effect would be noticeable

Manufacturer of  Raspberry Ketone Plus

Evolution slimming company is behind this product.  Evolution Slimming is considered as the wellness store. Shipping to over 70 countries worldwide, Evolution Slimming manufactures fast working and effective weight loss products.

Evolution Slimming is a company based in Canterbury which means that the products they offer are somewhat more viable than other diet products which are exclusive to the US and carry large postage and packing costs.

While on the subject of delivery, Evolution Slimming utilise both Royal Mail and UPS which are both well renowned couriers.

This is a good start as it should make it easier to track your order and deal with any problem that may arise compared to if a relatively unknown courier was used.

They have also received a 4.45/5.00 rating endorsed by the Trusted Shops Buyer Protection programme. If you wish to see details of this accreditation please follow this link which includes a copy of the certificate and numerous stats about customer reviews.

Does Raspberry Ketone Plus Have Any Side Effects?

There are no proven side-effects and no reports of users from any adverse reactions. The compound is thought to boost norepinephrine production which may be harmful to patients suffering from chronic conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma and high blood pressure.

What is the Recommended Dosage?

dr-oz-raspberry-ketoneRaspberry ketone is a great weight loss supplement that promises to deliver visible results in as little as two weeks. Understanding proper dosage is essential in ensuring that you get the most out of this wonderful supplement.

100mg per capsule. With a recommended dosage of 2 capsules a day. One before

When you are taking this product, you will want to remember to continuously hydrate your body. Drink at least 2 – 3 liters of water per day.

Where can You Purchase The Product?

Buyer beware; this product is viral among users. Therefore you will mistakenly fall into an ebay or an Amazon scam. Unless you know the product. Therefore to cutoff the doubt we recommend getting it from the official site on The only legit place to get Raspberry ketone plus with full money back guarantee.


Pros about Raspberry Keytones Plus

  • Reducing fatigue, helps in providing energy , vitality and stamina.
  • Also helps in fat oxidation and body detoxification that results in healthy weight loss.

Cons about Raspberry Keytones Plus

  • No appetite suppression
  • No data on long-term effectiveness. More research is needed.


Clinical Studies on Raspberry Ketones

To sum it up there are some of the results realized from the clinical studies.

  • Raspberry ketone can help enhance the fat burning process
  • It can reduce fatty tissue in the body

A specific study performed on rats demonstrated that when rats were placed on high-fat diets, those who also took Raspberry Ketones had a lower ratio of stomach fat than rats placed on the same high-fat diet, but who did not take any Raspberry Ketone supplements. The rats taking the supplements also had less fat in their livers. One can imagine how much more effective the raspberry ketone supplements can be if they’re taken as a part of a healthy diet and exercise regimen! (Source)


User Reviews on Raspberry Keytone Plus

Many had different reactions when used this product. Some lost weight and some didn’t. Here are various reviews you should consider; (you can click the picture review to enlarge if you want)

Raspberry_ketone_500 mg_reviews Raspberry_ketone_plus_dr_oz_on_Amazon1 Raspberry_ketone_plus_dr_oz_on_Amazon

Our Recommendations

It should be noted that all evidence for the effects of raspberry ketone has only been observed on mice.

These same study was not replicated in the human body, particularly through oral supplementation. it’s important to note that there are no conclusive studies conducted on humans that support their use as weight loss supplements.

However, mice play a critical role in developing new medical wonders. In fact, 95 percent of all lab animals are mice and rats, according to the Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR).

Mice are mammals that share many processes with humans and are appropriate for use to answer many research questions. For that we also brought various users who have tried Raspberry ketone plus to guide you on the decision you wish for.

There is a con to every pro. From a financial point of view, Raspberry Ketone plus is considered great based on its reasonable price and efficiency on users (based on user reviews). If you are on budget then Raspberry Ketone Plus is right for you.

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