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Nitroxin vs. Male Extra, Deducing the Best One!

Nitroxin is quoted as the best supplement in market for male sexual issues.

It has received widespread praise due to its ability to push nitric oxide levels in our bodies.

Nitric Oxide plays a significant role in increasing the size and girth of your penis. Along with that, it also improves the potency of your erections.

This product is endorsed by many celebrities who swear by its efficacy.

This is yet another example of supplements that are designed to be male enhancement pills.

These pills help men against their male sexual issues. There is so much competition in the market, this makes finding the right product even more challenging.

There are many rip offs of an original product that finding the real one is often seem as a challenge.

The Nitroxin offers you following benefits:

  • It comes with a free trial
  • This increases your libido, it makes you more interested in sex
  • The website is easy to access and find, you wont find anything hard about it
  • This product enhances the size of your penis and it helps you against premature ejaculation
  • This product comes from a trusted brand and factory

Is Nitroxin Effective?

Today, most men suffer from sexual issues, they are just too ashamed to talked about it. There are many examples of sexual disorders, but the most famous one is Erectile Dysfunction.

These problems are associated with weight gain and age, however, these can happen to the most athletic person in their early 20’s.

An easy way to cure ED is to get rid of the symptom, the very first sign of Erectile Dysfunction is little sex drive.

Later on, its Low sperm counts and then, you can’t even obtain an erection.

Nitroxin claims to work wonders for this issue, however, all the claims being made are on the behalf of ingredients being used.

This product is formulated with the following ingredients:

  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Maca Extract
  • Muira Puama
  • Oyster Shell

All of these ingredients are natural and they are safe.

These ingredients are known for their use in traditional medicine for thousands of years.

The manufacturer of Nitroxin have used inactive trusted ingredients and formulated a product with modern approach.

Nitroxin Compared with Male Extra

The Nitroxin sound convincing with the official tracklist and its ingredients, it has no side effects and its made from all natural ingredients.

Top that with the fat that it comes from a well-respected company. Creating much fuss about the product is surprising.

However, Nitroxin is not been adequately tested, and there is no room for doubts. The spec sheet and specs and paper, but how it holds in real life.

Well, we have another male enhancement pill that is designed to help you achieve your wanted results.

Not only it delivers, but also keeps you safe while doing it. This Pill is Male Extra.

This is a known male sex supplement product that has been proven effective by the user feedback. It uses a unique blend of natural ingredients that actually does the job.


For someone who are looking for a product to change their sex life, Nitroxin is out of the question.

Sure it has some nice detailing.  There is an abundance of effort behind the making of this product and it shows off.

Following, we are going to compare these two products and see which one is the better alternative and why!



Male Extra

Male Extra

Mechanism of Action This works with the simple math, it increases the testosterone levels in your body without any side effects It improves the nitric oxide levels which lead to vasodilation.

This expands the penile blood vessels which allows for more blood flow in the penis.

Male Extra also improves the sperm quality and count while increasing the penis size from 0.8-2.4 inches with continuous 6 month use

Side Effects prosNone prosNone
Indications prosThis is great for pople who want to improve thier performance , but have a change of mind while shopping around prosIdeal for people who want better erections with intense orgasms improving their stamina without any side effects
Contraindications prosNone prosNone
Ingredients prosMaca Root and etc prosL-arginine, HCL, and Pomegranate Ellagic Acid
Doctor Endorsements prosYes prosYes, widely
Money back Guaranty prosYes prosYes
All Natural prosYes prosYes
Long Term Use prosYes prosYes
Clinical Proven prosYes prosYes, with detailed trials
Premature Ejaculation Solution prosYes prosYes
Prescription prosNo Need prosNo Need
User Reviews prosMildly Positive prosPositive (click here for detailed male extra reviews)
Price $80 for one month supply $65 for 90 tablets (one month supply)
Where to Buy Major Retail Stores

Official Site


Benefits of Male Extra

Male Extra Reviews Unboxed pictures

  • prosMale Extra increases the size and girth of your penis
  • prosIt improves your sexual stamina and desire
  • prosTaking Male Extra on daily basis improves your libido
  • prosThis supplement is designed to help you achieve hard and long erections without a hitch
  • prosThis product directs more blood to your penile vessels which in turn males your erection harder
  • prosIt is design to improve your sex life without any side effects
  • prosIt comes with a money back guarantee, so don’t worry because your investment is safe
  • prosComes with clinical trial and proof

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Reaching our fair conclusion, we will take a body and straightforward approach to say that Nitroxin is not as effective as Male extra.

In case you want a supplement that can turn around your sexual life in a high boost then this is not designed for you.

However, if you want, you can take the Nitroxin for months and see a fraction of results compared to Male Extra.

Moving on, Male Extra is a well-received product, so there is only one reason for that, it delivers what it promises and has solid results with high boost in sexual health.

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