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How Chubby Japanese Killed Appetite With Konjac Plant Extract – Secret Revealed

konjac-plantDuring the 17th century, Japanese used to grow Konjac plant in their backyards and make flour and jelly out of it. They even add it as a main ingredient to their dishes like Oden due to it’s 4 major benefits according to the Japanese:

Detoxification, appetite-suppression, blood stasis alleviation and phlegm liquefaction.

Why Chinese use Konjac Plant for weight loss in their Chinese Medicine:

Konjac is primarily used as a source of glucomannan, The dried corm of the konjac plant contains around 40% glucomannan gum.. Glucomannan will increase up to 200 times of its original volume after absorbing water.

This leads to the sensation of feeling full after consuming Konjac derived foods. So What basically happened Chinese turned that simple plant into a major appetite suppression benefit.

However, in order to have the full benefit of appetite suppression, the fiber must be processed and extracted from the Konjac plant, to give us what actually causes the appetite suppression, Glucomannan.

konjac pills weight loss

Mechanism of Action of Glucomannan Extract in Your Body

After the Konjac fiber comes into contact with water in the stomach, the glucomannan fiber in the digestive tract helps to absorb bile acid.

Contributing to the sensation of satiety, Konjac helps to achieve weight reduction when dieting.

However, it doesn’t end there the glucomannan improves blood-lipid profiles and lowers systolic blood pressure.

Because of this, many nutritionists discuss the health benefits on metabolic syndrome and diabetic patients.

What About Scientific Evidence Behind Glucomannan?

A 2003 report from the Food and Trade Commission (FTC) states that as much as “55 percent of advertising for weight loss products and services contained false or unsupported efficacy claims.” this is considered true and it’s very vital to look for supported evidence before going through any herb, supplement or weight loss pill. We decided to check for any clinical trial or scientific evidence and found plenty this is the recent one…


The conclusion of this study was the following (source):

Glucomannan appears to beneficially affect total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, body weight, and FBG.

How Much Weight Loss Expected From Glucomannan?

We decided to collect recent reviews from different users posting their opinions on Webmd (source)



So basically to answer the question in number,  In one 2007 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, participants taking a glucomannan and psyllium husk combination supplement lost approximately 10 pounds in 16 weeks compared to 1.7 pounds lost in the placebo group.

The expected weight loss from Glucomannan would be, 10 pounds in 4 months.. That’s so small… RIGHT?

True, and in reality Glucomannan is not meant to be taken solo, and normally it’s advised to be taken with a fat burner to enhance the process of weight loss.

In order to lose weight properly and healthy those 4 things must be taken into consideration when choosing a fat burner:

  1. Built-in appetite suppressant
  2. Cut body fat while maintaining their muscle mass to help in burning more fats and have an optimum metabolic rate.
  3. Have antioxidant that can help rid the body of potentially harmful chemicals called free radicals. In the presence of too many harmful wastes, the fat-burning process can become an even larger burden on the system.
  4. Have the thermic effect (boosting the resting metabolic rate, leading to more fats converted to energy)

Making Your Body Work For You Without Sleep, While You Sleep

There was a recent fat burner supplement introduced in the UK market, called Phen24. Its main principle was to use Glucomannan as a built-in appetite suppressant in its fat burning ingredients.

The breakthrough was having different pills for the different timing of the day. The body works differently in the morning, noon and night and in order to maximize your weight loss Phen24 decided to create two types of pills to be taken accordingly to the time frame suggested in their plan.


One of The Fat Killer Mechanism of Phen24 is:

It contains Chlorogenic acid which works by inhibiting the release of glucose in the body, while at the same time boosting the metabolism or the “burning” of fat in the liver.


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At the end, good Diet is the most important component to fat/weight loss, comprising 50-60% of your success. And the rest relays on weight loss enhancers like fat burners or walking 30 mins a day or simply both. sometimes it’s best to just stick to what we know works for most people. And this works!

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