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Can Anxiety Be Beneficial? Talkspace Makes Sense Of Anxiety

You might not believe it, but anxiety can be good for you. Here are three important reasons why we benefit from anxiety.

Anxiety helps us beef up our senses and decision-making skills

Anxiety is a natural response by the human body to stimuli that cause stress. For example, our bodies are geared to make us anxious whenever we get scared so that we can make decisions more quickly. (1)

If we didn’t get scared of things that are potentially deadly or otherwise dangerous, we might not be here today; a strong drive of self-preservation is key for organisms to survive.

We can get more from the exertion of our muscles – that means we can run faster and lift more than we otherwise could – when the flight or fight response is triggered. (2)

Our bodies’ and minds’ performance are effectively enhanced when we are anxious

Have you ever noticed that – before giving a speech, for example – when you’re prepared you’re typically less anxious than if you didn’t prepare properly?

We are wired to avoid such anxiety, and we know all too well that proper preparation in such a situation can prevent loads of that uneasiness.

While it’s never beneficial to have a full-on panic attack during an important academic exam, experiencing a more controlled level of anxiety has been scientifically proven to improve performance; the same goes for athletes in respect to big-time games that determine the future of their teams’ projection into the playoffs, for example – there is such a thing as a healthy amount of anxiety.

It helps us change our view on things

When our subconscious minds want to make us aware of how bad certain ideas are, we often feel anxious and are dissuaded from engaging in those activities.

You should try your hardest to perceive upcoming events that cause you anxiety as challenges – mastering difficult challenges makes our brains’ reward systems fly off of the proverbial handle; herein, anxiety effectively encourages us to seek rewards.

Talkspace reviews all across the World Wide Web are full of positive sentiments

Talkspace reviews have long been overwhelmingly positive. As if bringing mental health service providers directly to customers’ smartphones, computers, and tablets wasn’t enough, Talkspace even offers couples therapy. A review on Ask Men’s official website had nothing but praise for the platform because it was always available – as long as at least one of its many therapists were awake, that is.

About Talkspace

Just over six years ago, Talkspace was created by Oren and Roni Frank. The couple incorporated the company in New York City, where it’s still headquartered today. The Franks’ popular creation employs some of the world’s most prominent psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers.

The company is led by Oren Frank, its self-made chief executive officer. Dr Irvin D. Yalom is the company’s most popular advisor – he’s the Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Stanford University.

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