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Gemma Merna_on_Nuratrim

4 Ingredients Of Nuratrim That Made Kim Kardishian Lose 20 KGs

Recently, a not so old fat burner has taken over the media by charm.

At the end of 2011, This fat burner called Nuratrim got many positive feedbacks from celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Aniston.

It’s consistency in being highly exposed on the media and getting more and more positive feedbacks, led us to review this Nuratrim and see if it really works as the celebrities say.

German creator of Nuratrim, Dr Alfred Hasslebacher said: “It has been devised to assist all men and women looking to lose excess weight and control their appetite”.

However, we obviously never considered the media as a trusted source to evaluate a product. Always read a full in-depth review and see if the ingredients of the products suits your health and your needs.

NOTE: this review is to provide an unbiased source of information on Nuratrim fat burner and the companies responsible for the manufacture and distribution of Nuratrim.

This review contains the following

prosThe major difference between Nuratrim and Phen375

prosA preview on the appetite suppressant and thermogenic effect of Nuratrim

prosPositive and negative user reviews on Nuratrim

prosIngredients analysis with all its pros and cons (adverse effects)

Comparison between Phen375 vs Nuratrim






Clinical StudiesPill_Clinical_Studies
  •  Increase metabolic rate based on its thermogenesis effect leading to more energy.
  • Weight loss rate from 3-5 lbs per week.
  • Anti-depressant effect to avoid any depression during weight loss journey.
  • Appetite suppression; avoid food craving.


  • Lower calorie absorption and suppress your appetite
  • Boosts the metabolism by up to 12x
  • Typical weight loss reported by users is around 2-3lbs per week.
  • Its unique formulation of high quality proven extracts include Green Coffee, Liqourice, and Capsicum.
Sideeffects / DrawbacksPill_Side_effects prosNone; rare mild headache prosNone; made from complete natural substance
Best Uses prosEnergy Boost, decreases body fat, appetite suppressant, general Weight loss prosEnergy Boost , appetite suppressant, general weight loss
  • Pregnant or nursing women.
  • Those who have a family history of or are suffering from any heart disorder or related problems.
  • Those who are particularly sensitive to Caffeine


  • Pregnant or nursing women.
  • Those who have a family history of or are suffering from any heart disorder or related problems.
  • Those who are particularly sensitive to Caffeine


Money Back GuaranteeMoneyBackGurantee


pros30 days pros60 days
Appetite Suppressant prosYes prosYes
Anti-depressant prosYes No
Weight loss effect pros3-5 lbs per week (based on average user testimonials) Worst-fatburner-reviews2-3 lbs per Week (based on average user testimonials)
Reorder rate prosHigh prosHigh
User Reviewstestimonials_&_user_reviews prosPositive and many recommend it from various reputable sources. Check out the Phen375 user reviews prosPositive reviews from vast sources from the web. Check sources in the review below.
Production Company Details prosRDK Global, they are the manufacturer and distributor of top selling weight loss and pain relief natural supplements. All their products are manufactured in FDA-approved laboratories in the United States and the European Union. prosPharmaCo Labs, Nuropharm is actually a contract manufacturer that produces supplements for other 3rd party companies aside from its own.

On its official website, Nuropharm claims to have been around for 30 years now and has worked for more than 30 different brands.

AvailabilityPill_Availability prosCan be purchased online only from the official website. This in order to get the original Phen375 package. Any package found on Amazon or Ebay are fake and are not the real product of Phen375 prosCan be purchased online only from the official website or amazon. (however, currently unavailable on amazon)
Price Worst-fatburner-reviews65.95 USD – per bottle (they offer free bottle on 3 bottle order) check their offers on the official site. pros54.99 USD or £34.95 – per bottle (they also provide cheaper offers when getting more than a bottle)
Order NowOrder-Pills-Now

Check out official website

Check out official website

Nuratrim Scientific and User Review with Ingredient Analysis

nuratrim_bottleNuratrim is designed to combat some of the most commonly reported problems by dieters, such as excess snacking, overeating and a sluggish metabolism. Targets 2 main reasons of why people gain weight:

  1. Being unable to control portion sizes while eating more calories, and
  2. Not enough physical activity combined with slow metabolism

Mechanism of action of its ingredients

Nuratrim ingredients:

  • Glucomannan
  • Licorice
  • Capsicum
  • Green Coffee

Glucomannan.plantgreen-tea-extract-avesil-ingredientGlucomannan; often recommended as a solution to obesity. It is also recommended to people who have high cholesterol, and have problems with constipation.

It should never be taken by anyone who has problems with their esophagus as it can lead to choking.

In an eight-week double-blind trial was conducted to test purified glucomannan fiber as a food supplement in 20 obese subjects.

Results showed a significant mean weight loss (5.5 lbs) using glucomannan over an eight-week period. (check source)


Licorice-Extractgreen-tea-extract-avesil-ingredientLicorice; The evidence indicates that eating licorice (or licorice flavonoid oil) may help in the prevention and treatment of obesity.

A randomized, controlled trial in 84 slightly overweight men and women found that taking 300-900 mg of licorice flavonoid oil every day for 8 weeks reduced body fat significantly compared with placebo (check source)


capsicum-extract-benefitsgreen-tea-extract-avesil-ingredientCapsicum; Its mechanism in fat burning is simply based on two aspects:

  1. Activation of adrenergic nervous system: through stimulating receptors present in the mouth and gastrointestinal tract. This leads to secretion of catecholamines like adrenaline which then causes fat loss and appetite suppression.
  2. Breakdown of fat: after capsicum ingestion, fats are used as energy source rather than carbohydrates.

Also this ingredient has a huge role in losing fats in the belly area… (check source)


green-tea-extract-avesil-ingredientGreen Coffee; Aids absorption and the utilization of glucose that has been should to reduce body fat. (check source)

green coffee_Clinical_study_Nuratrim

Manufacturer of Nuratrim

Nuropharm which based in Glasgow, Scotland and are easy to contact directly via their customer support line, available by a local UK number or international number. The customer support team are available 24 hours a day, which is a good sign as all too often you find diet pill retailers with no contact details at all!

The good news is an online search for the name “Nuropharm Limited” does not return any result with pages containing complaints about the company. This should tell us that its products are relatively OK.

Does Nuratrim Have Any Side Effects?

The Nuratrim website claims that there are no side effects to the product. There are very few reported side effects reported regarding the consumption of Nuratrim, however, there have been reports dotted around the website that there may be some diarrhoea and stomach cramp symptoms associated with the taking of Nuratrim

Where can You Purchase The Product?

You can purchase Nuratrim  online from their official website. (click here to visit the official website)


pros-consPros about Nuratrim

  • Works fast compared to other well known dietary pills.
  • Reduce your cravings for food
  • Increase the metabolic rate by 12X
  • Contains antioxidants
  • 14 USD less expensive than Phen375 per bottle

Cons about Nuratrim

  • You might face minor mild bloating and are likely due to the effects of Glucomannan helping to increase sensations of being full. This could also be due to those few consumers having little or no fiber in their diet and so not used to the effects of a fiber rich diet.

Dosing and administration

The recommended dosage is one capsule a day, together with breakfast and a glass of water.

Media and celebrities on Nuratrim

Gemma Merna_on_Nuratrim

Gemma Merna, this actress and UK men’s weekly Nuts magazine model states that her fluctuating weight often makes her feel overwhelmed. With the help of the supplement, she can control the weight and stay in shape.

Being an actress requires her to stay slim because even a pound weight gain can look so clear under the paparazzi camera. Therefore, to keep her body weight, Merna trusts Nuratrim.


User Reviews on Nuratrim

 Many users had the positive experience, other were neutral and minor were negative and here we love to share it all in order to take the right decision. Here is an overall review of Nuratrim on Amazon






Our Recommendations

Free-with-nuratrim-orderThe approach of Nuratrim to weight loss is incredibly promising. How it tackles many physiological funtions to boost the fat burning process. In the beginning we’ve mentioned that don’t believe what everything said on the media. However after this deep investigation we find Nuratrim from scientific aspect considered an effective weight loss pill. And all the celebrities endorsement just complements the fact that it is working. This diet pill can be easily reached on it’s Official website. So there won’t be any struggle in shipping or delivery. Last but not least a magic pill that fixes everything is probably not reality. Never relay on a pill to fix your lifestyle. Nuratrim provides a free Dr Alfred’s Fast Track Diet  plan. Don’t underestimate this plan it will make a major impact.

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